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Atlanta Ga 


Maternity Portrait with Daughter

About Me

Hello and welcome! I am an Atlanta based photographer that loves to capture raw expressions and heartfelt moments. Why? Because it allows me to show case memorable moments of God's creation- that happen to be you.

I am a wife, a big sister, a god-mother, and a best-friend. I am also a kid at heart, who loves to dance, roller-skate and see others have a good time; which is why I see myself  as a photographer to the casual, yet free-spirited and adventurous. 



My Style

What's important to me is capturing real moments.

This means natural expressions and movement, and most importantly your natural interaction with others and the environment around you.


I believe this is important because you have a unique story to tell. And there is no one who can express what your life is like right now, in this very moment, better than you.


Sometimes my style is referred to as "candid" or "documentary" or "lifestyle". At the end of the day, it is all meant to capture a snap shot of who you are, things you love, and your life as it is today.


My passion for photography grew from seeing beautifully composed, candidly photographed images of families and couples framed  and displayed as statement pieces in beautiful living spaces. 


And because we live in an age where everything lives and dies on our phone, having something to physically display as well as pass down from generation to generation, has never been more important.

This is why I provide you with a photography experience that will leave you with a clear vision of the portraits that will be displayed in your personal space upon completion of your photo session. 


My goal is not to provide you with a digital file and send you on your way to figure the rest out. Nuh-uh, I work with you to thoroughly plan your session, complete your portrait processing all the way to framing and provide you with  a ready to display portrait cutting out the guesswork of figuring out what to do with your images. 

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