Holiday Cards Promotion


Although the 2020 Holiday season may look a little different for some of us this year, it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on spreading holiday cheer! 

Whether it's for family or friends or even your clients, holiday cards are a great way to show someone they are in your thoughts.

The current  promotion offers Holiday Cards that can also serve as photographic gifts! 


Holiday card season isn't limited only to the Christmas Holiday, it can be for Autumn, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or  New Years!

And it's certainly not limited to families and couples either! They make great gifts from small business owners to past or potential clients!

So don't wait until the last minute! Get the ball rolling today!

Holiday Promotion 2020


Promotion Details

  • one 5x7 pre-designed holiday template with 3-4 images 

  • custom designed template 

  • pre- addressed envelopes

  • a set of 25, 50, or 100

  • 1 design review pass/change (edit options are limited)


If you are a previous or existing Client:

  • With Past or Existing Galleries:  Requires purchase  of holiday card set  using 3-4  images from a single past gallery.

  • Without Existing Galleries: Requires purchase of $75 30 min portrait session + purchase of holiday card set


For New Clients

  • Requires  purchase of $85 30 minute portrait session + purchase of holiday card set

Must allow 2-4 weeks for holiday cards to be designed, printed and mailed.

Promotion valid from September 18- November 20, 2020 so don't miss out. Make your purchase today!

Holiday Card Promotion