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Why am I so passionate about the “family unit”??

Updated: May 23, 2020

Okay so may be you‘re wondering, where does my passion for the “family unit” come from? Well before I dive right in, let me preface this with my definition of the “family unit”. The “family unit” to me is not just Mother, Father, children and immediate family. The ”family unit” to me can be any combination of immediate or extended family- with or without kiddos or a really great group of friends that support you through life. And it can look different for everybody.

My passion and love for the “family unit” was something that I didn’t realize until a culmination of life events took place and caused me to do some deep reflection.

For those that don’t know much about me here’s a quick recap: I moved to Atlanta at the age of 25 not in search for anything much more than new people and new experiences. I was born and raised in the GREAT state of Texas in a medium size, close knit, loving family. There was mom, dad, and little sis in my immediate household... and plenty of grandparent, uncles, aunts, cousins, and childhood friends (to whom I am still very much close with today). There were plenty of house parties, little league football games, cheerleader practices, basketball practices, gymnastics, roller skating parties- you name it and me and all my family were there as spectators, participants, and/ or organizers.

Looking back now, because I always had a strong support system, I didn’t think twice about what moving away actually meant. I‘d miss out on all the family activities, the births, the deaths, and to top it off, I wouldn’t have those people to lean on when life started to happen. And life did start happening.

So now let’s fast forward 11 years...

I’m happily married with a great husband and that same if not even better support system (yay!).I have a house, a job,a car, and a fairly active social life...but guess what.... one thing that I never would have imagined is “missing”. Children. Yep. I have the “picture perfect life” except for that one thing- a baby (at least that is the lie the Devil tries plant in my thoughts). Total gut punch!

It’s not by choice that my sweet husband and I are D.I.N.K.S (“Double Income No Kids”), but it’s something that we have handed over to God and choose to seek His will on- daily.

Initially, the so called journey of “infertility” caused me to do some serious soul searching not because I always thought I’d be someone’s mother, but because it puts a halt to all those dreams you had of sharing your childhood experiences with your own kids. It also meant that my “immediate” “family unit” looked and was going to be completely foreign to what I grew up with and I had to figure out what to do with that. So needless to say this journey comes with doubts, fears, and feelings of disappointment from time to time. But it’s about what you do with those thoughts, feelings, and disappointment.

So I chose to turn my thoughts into actions of service and love for others. I choose not to sit aside and sulk about what I thought my “family unit” would look like, but to get involved with other people’s “family unit” until God decides to expand my husband and I’s nuclear “family unit”.

Photographing families and couples allows me bring joy to other people’s families. I get to interact with others by being myself- fun, laid back, and a little silly. It gives me a sense of fulfillment to document the love, growth and connection that people will some day look back on in times of joy or pain. It gives me the ability to channel my own visions and dreams of what my family would / or will look like when that day comes..... Plus it’s my way showing how valuable time is because it’s something you’ll never get back.

Regardless of who you consider family these days, my advice? Go out, make some connections and make some memories. You just never know the obstacles life will throw at you that may one day challenge those memories!


Let's keep in touch! I'm your photographer friend that wants to help you navigate the world of beautiful photos, photo preservations, and sprucing up your home!

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