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What’s the big deal about framing anyway?

Updated: May 23, 2020


If you’re like me, the walls may have started closing in already.

Self-quarantining has given all of us (I’m sure) plenty of time to make new “to do“ lists and revise old ones.

And I’m sure at least one of those items on that ”to do” list is a home improvement project. Maybe it‘s cleaning or painting, but I bet there is at least something there to beautify or organize your living space. So why not let me help you with a super easy home improvement project that will easily do the trick. How about finding all those pictures you have stashed away in that old box (or thumb drive) and get them framed!

I’m not talking about any old framing either- but I mean custom framed.

The difference between going to the store and just picking a frame off the floor and most custom frame jobs are: one, they look more professional and offer a little more uniqueness in the design, and two, and most importantly, if it’s done properly, it will preserve your photographs for a lifetime.

In a day and time when having wedding and family photographs done professionally, costs a pretty penny, what’s the point of paying all that money for your pictures to be taken if you’re not going to protect the investment?

Again, thats where custom framing comes into be more specific, conservation framing.

Conservation framing uses techniques and materials that are considered by the museum world to be the “gold standard“ for making art and photographs last for years without decay. Many people don’t realize that mat boards serve a scientific purpose.The type of glazing selected- makes a scientific difference. How an image is mounted, can mean a world of a difference if a photograph can be reframed years down the line.

Thats the reason I offer my clients custom framing services, in addition to my photography services.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about framing services, please visit my website: CONTACT ME

By all means- I AM here to help YOU. So let's be friends! Subscribe below.


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