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What is "Lifestyle Family" Photography Anyway??

Updated: May 23, 2020

Depending on what circles you run in, you may or may not be familiar with the term "lifestyle" photography. Lifestyle photography is normally a term often associated with the younger generation of "bloggers" and social media "influencers", but did you know it is also a style many families should be interested in too?

In general, lifestyle photography is style of portraiture that captures people in real life events or situations in everyday life. This can be further broken down into “staged” lifestyle portraits- which may incorporate elements of things going on in your life, but not actually while they are occurring, or "true" lifestyle photography.

“True” lifestyle portraits is more of my favorite style, as it captures and/or incorporates real events of what you typically do, while you are doing it- and thus, is the reason it is great for family photography. Whether it’s hanging out at home, going to a carnival, having a family game night, or baking cookies- it doesn't matter what you and your family enjoy, its just a great opportunity to document your family truly as it is. Family lifestyle sessions can take place in home or on-location, but remember for it to truly be categorized as a true "lifestyle" portrait, it is suggested that the location selected be a place that you and your family frequent often or has sentimental value.

So what should you expect as the client? To be completely natural. If your family lifestyle session is scheduled to take place in your home, it important to ensure there is plenty of light in the home and that your home is clean and organized. You can also expect for the Photographer to be like a fly on the wall with minimal interaction during the time of your session. This can also apply to on location sessions ( minus the cleaning part), in that you want to ensure there is enough light, space and opportunity for the family to interact and engage with each other and the environment they are in as they would if the Photographer was not there. Regardless of where the session takes place, the key is that the you and your family are doing something you love and/or would typically do and to BE NATURAL.

Once you receive your images back from the Photographer you would be amazed at the art that is created. Not to mention that images from lifestyle shoots make AMAZING statement pieces for family and playrooms. It's simply a great way to display the you and your loved ones in a non-traditional way!


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