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Styling Your Blank Wall With Oversized Portraits

Large wall art can make a statement that smaller pieces of wall art can’t.

It can ceate an atmosphere of luxury, sophistication and style. Not to mention setting the atmosphere especially in non-cluttered places.

Specifically oversized wall art that are portraits are actually one of my favorite ways to style personal portraits. I think it gives off a comfy modern, museum gallery vibe.

And for those that are looking for a way to spruce up their home decor, this a great option.

In my opinion, oversized art starts with portraits printed and framed at 16 x20 and up, but of course depends on the amount of blank wall space available.

Oversized wall portraits can be displayed in a formal dining area, living room, game room, bonus rooms, foyer, kitchen....the possibilities are endless.

Two key steps in pulling this off successfully is having quality images at the correct resolution and taking the correct steps for a seamless installation. This would include ensuring you have high resolution images and determining the useable wall space.

What's even more handy is speaking with your photographer for assistance with how to achieve the desired look and feel. From candids to companion pieces, I'm telling you the possibilities are endless.

I'd love to help you with styling your space with oversized wall art that you love and that happens to be you, you & your hunny, or you and your family, so lets keep in touch.

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