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New Year, New Month, New Offerings!

Updated: May 23, 2020


Guess what? KKnight Photos LLC (better known as “KKnight Shoots” is not only celebrating Black History Month this month, but we are also celebrating our upcoming one year birthday!

With our special day approaching, we wanted to tell you a little more about our brand and new offerings.

KKnight Photos LLC is all about connection! Whether it’s in a social setting or in your every day routine with your loved ones-connection to others is what makes you who you are. The same way we are directly and indirectly connected to our ancestors, it’s important that we get back to the practice of documenting our family ties and histories - after all it’s our legacy.

KKnight Photos, LLC is focused on telling the story of your family with a more specialized focus on the family as a unit. “Family” is an umbrella term that can include Couples, Couples+ Children, Couples+Children+ fur baby(ies), Children only, Furbabies only, Siblings only.... the list could go on! This new focus includes offerings for modern on location or in home lifestyle sessions of you and your loved ones.

Want to know more? I got you! Stay tuned this month to receive more info about our new vision, as well as more details about our interestes, hobbies, and brand. I mean it is our birthday, so we can celebrate all month right!?



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