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Creative Father's Day Photography Ideas

How many times have you been in the situation where you have no idea what to get Your Dad for Father's Day?

Better yet, what if you are low on cash and can't splurge on a gift?

Well sometimes the best gifts are not only those that increase in value, but also include a little creativity.. And because the value of memories increase with age, artistically self-curated pictures are always a great gift for Dad!

Here are a four easy and fun photo ideas to consider giving to Dad for Father's Day or anytime of the year really...

1. Celebrate His Favorite Hobby

Whether it's golfing, grilling, or reading his favorite men's magazine, gather a few items that represent his favorite hobby and set up a mini photoshoot. You could dress like his favorite Golfer, wear customized grill master aprons, or gather his favorite magazines and display them in a cool way and surprise him with an impromptu photoshoot.

2. Commemorate His Favorite Chill Spot

Use his favorite place to get a peace of mind as the location for a photoshoot. My Dad is a mechanic and loves race cars, so needless to say one of his favorite places to be is in his garage (even though I'm sure he'd tell you differently). So this would be easy for me- I'd rent a super fancy car, park it in or in front of his garage and have the family all dress in Nascar pit stop jumpsuits (or something similar) and snap away! For some Dads, it may be their "man-caves", for others it could be the bathroom *shrugs shoulders*. Either way find that special place your Dad goes to get away and get to planning!.

3. Honor His Work Ethic

I must admit you must approach this with a little caution. One way to honor your Dad's hard work is by gathering items that represent what he does for a living. Since most people are working from home, it could be as simple as grabbing items on his desk in his home office, or if he's an Artist, incorporate his supplies as cool and creative props. This particular themed shoot is a good way to show your Dad that you recognize all the hard work he does to provide for the family by bringing home the bacon!

4. Bring His Teachable Moments to Life

Here's another one that may require a little more thought. Every Dad has a certain saying, phrase, or teachable moment he stresses and repeats over and over. So what can you do with that? Turn them into the theme of the photoshoot by turning them into signs, photo booth hashtag props, or t-shirts- just make sure it's something HE knows he says all the time. I'm sure everyone who knows him will get a good laugh out it- including him.

So what's the point? Make the pictures about him! This will make him feel seen, appreciated and loved.

If you don’t have time to hire a professional photographer, then your phone is more than equipped to handle the task. You may need a little help with the addition of a tripod, and a light or two, but just make sure you have enough light when taking your pictures!

Happy Snapping!



*Pro Tip: The rear cameras of most cell phones these days are equipped with enough megapixels to at least allow you to print a is 14.30" x 9.34" or smaller at 300 dpi from home and get pretty good results for a keepsake.

If you'd like to receive more simple creative ideas or photography tips, tricks, and suggestions, there is a lot more where this came from.

Here's one for free: download this free Guide to learn how to use color to make make your images pop! You're welcome!


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