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Think Outside The Box

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


I think it's about time I say it. For some of us, it's time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to celebrating yourself and the ones you love.

Once adult life kicks in, we rarely have time to fit in the things we love, including our best friends or people we truly cherish and hadn't spent time with in a long time.

Truth be told, many of us end up looking at old pictures and begin reminiscing about the "good 'ole days".

If you have someone (or many someones) that you haven't seen or been around in a minute, you should consider, first, blocking off time on your calendar to have an outing with that person and do something fun. You know, good 'ole "girl" or quality time. Second, you should utilize that time to take more than "us-ies" to post on Facebook, and actually incorporate a quick photo session with a professional photographer.

Think about it. You will more than likely already be glammed up or dressed to the nines, and more than likely be at or around one of ya'lls favorite spots. And, you will naturally be happy to see and be around one another (not to mention an adult beverage will probably be somewhere in the mix). It will be an all out good time.

And we can't forget, you can split the photography costs and will have several awesome images to post on social media as well as around the house!

Girl's night outs, road trips, and even catching up for coffee are great opportunities to make new photo memories with your "Day Ones" and "Ride or Dies".

Now that is really what it means to think outside the box. You're welcome *wink*.




Speaking of "ride or die", how about you and I become pen pals? I'd love to help you think more outside the box about all things portrait photography, portrait preservation, and home decor. Subscribe below to receive tips, tricks, and and more!

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