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Creating a Better Tomorrow During a Pandemic


It’s no secret we are living in unprecedented times with all that is happening in the world today. And if you’ve been paying “any-kind -of attention”, sometimes it makes you want to duck and hide and come out when it’s all over.

And now that the summer of 2020 is coming to a close, for most parents it’s back to thinking about schooling decisions for your kids. Trying to figure out what a set routine looks like these days, or trying to figure what to do about extra curricular activities (or the loss there of), needless to say- it’s all too much! And even though I don’t have children of my own at the moment- it’s overwhelming even for me!

So hopefully what I'm about to share can be of some assistance. And while I may not have the answers to all your concerns, the least I can do is help you with ways to introduce some bursts of fun and help with bonding time in the moments they are needed (which may be more often than not).

One “out of the ordinary idea“ you can introduce in your family’s routine is to simply make up a game by having your kids dress up or become their favorite celebrity, or role model or even imaginary friend, and use your iPhone to snap those pics (paparazzi style)! Almost like a fashion show! Think- fashion week meets you and your kids.

Of course you can add rules or make it competitive by having a judge, or even turn it into a talent show! You could also turn this into something they’d look forward to doing by amping the anticipation or use it as a reward system (this will work especially if your kids are still at an age where they like to use their imagination or dress up. It may be a little harder for older kids, so to help get them to go a long with it, try putting on music from their favorite artist and even give them a task of making their own ’tik-Tom’ routine).

Even if you or your kids think it’s “cheesy”, the point is to share laughter and actually capture it to take your mind off the moments of chaos and uncertainty, and to actually have something to forward to and look back on!

Similar to images of what life was like in the past during difficult times such as the Great Depression, one day your kids will also look back at this time and remember how crazy things were! And it’d be great for them to not only have a visual to share along with their story, but also remember some fun times as well!


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