No Mat

Let's face it, a well curated home has more to do with the small details than the design its self, therefore every space needs a touch of wall art. Why you ask- because it can create a focal point and can make a room feel finished (not to mention it makes the room feel cozy, and inviting). And in your case, wall art is yours and/or your family's visual heritage.

So not only am I here to help you with creating that visual heritage, but it is also my responsibility to provide you with end to end service by helping you design and preserve your investment. 

Because the photographic prints I provide are fine art prints, it is imperative that great care is taken care of them by making sure they are framed in a special manner. If this sounds like more responsibility than you are interested in taking on- don't worry, making this decision doesn't require much effort on your end. 

I will explain what is involved in making sure your images are preserved so they can  last a lifetime and walk you through the options available for displaying your images in a charming manner.

I will also provide you with options for designing your frame with for various image sizes, various colored mats, and conservation glazing, along with assembling your frames.

By letting me do all the work, there's no need for you to do additional running around or pay super expensive prices for the same quality of work. I am here to be your one stop shop! 


*metal and  100% wood moldings available only.

*framing options include single, double, or no mat at all.

Single Mat

Double Mat